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Important Notice:
The document that can be viewed online is the Study Guide version of A Three-Fold Cord.  This expanded version is still under development, and will ultimately include study sheets and a bible reference chart.

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Dedicated to the triumph of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

This good news declares an offer of salvation solely on the merits of what Jesus accomplished on the Cross of Calvary. 

The Gospel is very good news indeed!

Have you heard the Gospel?  Have you believed in the Savior of the Gospel?  In whom do you trust?

I wrote the book A Three-Fold Cord with ordinary people in mind.  I hope to help you to understand that God has been offering a free gift of eternal life from before the dawn of time.  Since the very beginning, a place has been reserved in heaven for you.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the open testimony of God who wants you to know that He has sent a savior to rescue you from the bondage of sin.

 You can read A Three-Fold Cord online.  The entire book is available FREE!